2-Hour Makeover

We’ve all made purchases over the years and have collected these beautiful items that looked great in the store, just not the same when we get home! We can transform a room using all your own things and your old, tired room will look completely new and updated to you!


Color Consultation

Need help deciding on a paint color?  Don’t begin with your wall color-end with it.  We will assemble fabrics, furnishings and accessories to allow your wall color to reveal itself to you.  Every great design begins with the first piece.


Room Arrangement/Furniture Placement

Most people know what they like; they’re just not sure how to put it altogether.  The reason is 80% of the general public cannot visualize how or where things should be placed.  We begin by editing your space-re-arranging and slowly re-accessorizing with, textures, colors and patterns to suit your style. View Gallery

Marsha Printz Burr Ridge, IL
My friend came over to see the powder room and just LOVED it! We both feel so fortunate to have you. She loved the colors, vanity, etc. We discussed how talented you are and how you listen to make sure you get the right thing. You don’t have that know it all attitude that the interior decorators have. You are who you are and that’s the best…EVER!!!!!! Love you for all your hard work to make sure that I’m happy… and I am VERY happy!!!!